Something For Children and Young People

We offer a wide range of activities and services for all ages in our community. For more information why not Contact Us.

Carer and Toddler Club

Every Wednesday 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Doreen and Cynthia run the Carer and Toddler Club open to carers and their children from babies upwards. This is a very friendly group where you can meet up with other carers for a chat while the children play and we also arrange social trips away. 

W.A.S.H Youth Theatre & Arts Group

Every Monday 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Age: 10 - 25 years old

Yearly Membership: £2 (or £1 per week)

Jane began facilitating drama sessions at our Centre in 1995 with the group formally being named W.A.S.H. in 1997 for their first public production, "A Lad in Strife", a pantomime.

The group has Investing in Children status and the central philosophy behind W.A.S.H. is:

"To have a place where young people can come and share ideas, work together as a team, form friendships and expand in knowledge, not only of the world around them, but also of themselves as individuals." Daisy Arts

Membership is made up of a diverse section of the community from those starting secondary education, those leaving school or higher education, to those who do not attend school at all and are being home tutored. In some cases this is the only group that some young people access as an external activity.  The aim of the sessions is to teach life skills through the medium of theatre and the arts, encouraging self-esteem and self-worth; to empower young people on their life’s journey.

As well as live productions the group get themselves involved in additional specialist Arts Projects such as film work (including animation), painting, photography and creative writing.  W.A.S.H. is a very popular youth group and welcomes any new member wishing to join.



Woodhouse Church and Community Centre, Proudfoot Drive, Bishop Auckland DL14 6PD

Telephone 01388 602935